Search Engine Optimization

If you are not ranking for the most important keywords related to your industry then you are missing out on important organic traffic. Organic traffic is by far the best way to continuously receive direct clients onto your website.

SEO Services

Panama inDesign can assist in search engine marketing services. You would be surprised how many times I search for a business on Google and cannot find it, despite looking three pages deep. For a hotel, this can be bad news and can end up being expensive in the long run. OTAs will take advantage of this situation with their paid advertising campaigns, pushing you down in search engine results. Many people look for hotels on OTAs and then search for them on Google hoping to get a better deal. If you don’t even appear, then you loose direct traffic and end up paying more in commissions. SEO is the most important strategy for any business marketing campaign. On-site SEO is critical in making sure your website appears for not only your business name but also the keywords people are using to search for businesses like yours. There is absolutely no point in creating a beautiful website that cannot be found, and it happens quite often.

There are different steps we can take in making sure your website ranks higher for the right keywords. By conducting a keyword analysis and making necessary optimizations to the website we can make sure it’s easier for search engines to not only find your website, but also crawl through it throughly and index all the pages correctly.

For over ten years I have conducted these same steps for other businesses and have produced proven results. I work with the most sophisticated SEO tools available for search engine marketers. Don’t depend solely on paid advertising, such as Facebook ads or Google Ads, generate organic free traffic by making the necessary steps to make your website easier to find for search engines and by the users you are trying to reach. Contact me for details.

Since 2011 I have used SEO PowerSuite to optimize all website projects. With this tool I can conduct keyword research and ranking reports, website audits, backlink reports, and so much more.