Social Media Marketing

Consistency and storytelling is key for an engaging social media marketing plan. If you’re looking for a bilingual community manager with over a decade of experience posting on different platforms then you have found the right place.

Community Manager Services

Unlock the power of storytelling and captivate your audience with a compelling narrative that showcases the essence of your business. Engaging your followers and fostering genuine connections is crucial in today’s digital landscape, and I am here to help you achieve just that.

My comprehensive community manager services encompass crafting and disseminating your brand’s story across various social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or TikTok. With a strategic approach, I will curate three impactful posts per week to ensure consistent engagement and visibility. Moreover, as part of this package, you will receive a customized ‘link in bio’ page exclusively designed for your Instagram presence.

Flexibility is key, and my content creation expertise extends to both English and Spanish languages. I curate a diverse range of content formats, including captivating photos, galleries, engaging short videos, and relevant links tailored to your niche, among other engaging elements.

Elevate your online presence and let your brand’s story resonate with your audience. Choose my professional community manager services to unlock the true potential of your digital journey.

Price: $200 USD per month + 7% ITBMS tax