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If you are not ranking for the most important keywords related to your industry then you are missing out on important organic traffic.

Panama inDesign can assist in search engine marketing strategies, but first we recommend taking these steps. First, find out where you stand- what is your current ranking for the most search keywords related to your business? Then, its important to see where you rank for these keywords compared to your top competitors. Next, find out what links are leading to your website and its quality. The final stages are the actions taken: On-page optimization for your website is only the first step. We can study your search history and organize a search engine marketing campaign that is suited to your business. Through monitored research and a search engine marketing campaign that works for your business we can increase your traffic and generate more sales.

Website Analysis: $150

Keyword & Ranking Analysis of your Website turned in as a report. We will go over each piece step by step. This will give you a current view of your website’s SEO health.

  • Keyword investigation and analysis
  • See your websites ranking for top keywords in Google, Bing and Yahoo
  • See your websites ranking compared to top competitors
  • See your websites back links report

Full On-Site SEO Package: $400

This will make your website easier to be found and crawled by search engines. Price applies to up to 25 pages, inquire for larger websites. You must have a Website Analysis to do this.

  • Keyword investigation and analysis
  • On-Page SEO: meta-data, link & image optimization
  • Disavow toxic links
  • Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools
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